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how to be a better driver

Top 10 Ways To Become A Better Driver [Infographic]

If you are a driver you endeavor should be to try and move to the next higher level. Here are a few useful tips that perhaps could help you to graduate from one level of driving and reach the next level. It certainly will be a win-win situation for all stake holders.

10 Ways To Become A Good Driver

Top 10 Ways To Become A Better Driver

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  • Importance Of A Driving Course

You must certainly take a driving course and must focus more on the defensive aspects of driving if you want to be a good driver.

  • Master Precision Parking

The attribute of a good drive is his or her ability to park precisely in the spot. This is a skill which can be learnt by practice and will set you apart from the crowd.

  • Ensure Your Hands Are Properly Placed In The Steering

Driving is serious matter and you cannot afford to take it lightly. You must be sure that your hands are placed at the right position even when driving slow.

  • Be Aware Of The Blind Spots

Adjust your rear mirror and looking mirror to ensure that the blind spots are covered as best as you perhaps can think of.

  • Never Drive When You Are Sleepy

It is always better to avoid driving when you are feeling sleepy or when you are not feeling fully alert. It would be better to take some rest or handover the steering to somebody who can drive while you rest.

  • Never Drive When You Are Drugged

You must try and avoid driving when you are on some medications which could a rouse drowsiness and make you feel sleepy and groggy. You may not feel it when you start the driving but you could suddenly become a victim of fatigue.

  • Never Drive Under Influence

Driving when you are either drunk or under some drugs is not only a big offense but also you would be inviting lot of problems for you and for others on the road.

  • Check Your Eyes Once In A While

Your eyes must be in the best of shape when you are driving. Therefore you must take regular eye checkups. This will help you to identify colors and also cover the horizon ahead quite well.

  • Always Be Alert

Driving requires 100% attention and focus and you must not take your guard off under any circumstances. This is especially true when you are driving on highways during nights and when the weather is inclement.

  • Continue To Improve

Driving is an ongoing process and there are no full stops and commas. While your focus must be safe driving you must also always endeavor to become better with each passing day. This does take time and effort and calls for perseverance and focus.