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Motor Oil Filter Brands To Avoid : Common Choosing Mistakes

Oil filters are a critical part of most car engine systems, but not all brands are created equal. If you want to make sure that your vehicle is safe and running correctly, it’s essential to know which oil filter brand is the best for your particular needs.

The purpose is to help you identify lousy oil filter brands and avoid them at all costs! In order not to have a problem with your car engine or other parts – it’s necessary that these filters remain clean- so no dirt will accumulate inside while they are in use… if you tend to invest in such brands, you are not only ruining your hard-earned money but also ruining the car’s life.

The following blog post will talk about the 5 worst oil filter brands so that you can make a better when purchasing one!

5 Worst Oil Filter Brands To Avoid


The first oil filter brand is Fram. This company has a reputation for manufacturing sub-par quality products, and the filters are not always up to snuff with other brands, which can lead to them leaking or breaking down prematurely in many cases of use!

Another problem that consumers have had when using this type of product was reported on forums as well – after- Fram is one of the worst oil filter brands in our opinion. They have a prolonged flow rate, and their construction isn’t as rugged or resilient to dirt.

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ACDelco PF19:

Another brand that is worst rated among the user is ACDelco PF19; it doesn’t work with every vehicle on Earth because it has such an odd shape that there’s not enough room for it to fit.


In General, other brands than Fram and ACDelco PF19 are KLOTZ and MOTORCRAFT brands; these are also some of the worst oil filter brand options available on store shelves for consumers! These three companies all have a meager flow rate – so whatever you do: just don’t buy any filters that come from these manufacturers if possible since they will likely not work well for you.

Bosch and Purolator:

Some of the other brands, except Fram, are – Bosch and Purolator. Both of the brands tend to have the same lifespan. In other words, you can use them for about 15000 miles before it is time to replace your car’s engine or some parts of its system because these filters will be contaminated with dirt from inside that gets through the filter.

Purolator is okay, but I don’t like them enough to recommend as a first choice – if you’re low on money or just in need of something quick and cheap, then they might be for you, though…but it’s not the best option out there by far because their performance isn’t excellent either (though it does seem to be pretty dependable).

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Astrofilters are on the cheaper side, but I don’t like them – they’re too bulky to fit into tight spaces in a car’s engine compartment, so you have trouble installing it or getting an accurate reading of how clogged your filter is…and their quality isn’t as good either for what price they charge.

Oil Filter Brands that can worthwhile for investing:

Some of the other brands that require much research before making an investment are Royal Purple, Hastings, and Napa Gold – this is because they have a shorter lifespan than the filters mentioned above- so these will need to be replaced after only 10000 miles or every six months of use depending on usage… since there may not seem like much difference when comparing 10000 miles to an 18000-mile life span, it really does make sense because this is the difference in adding another 12 months of use.

Hastings and Napa Gold

Hastings and Napa Gold are more expensive than other brands, but their lifespan compensates for that – so while they might be pricier at first glance- these filters do last longer, which actually saves someone money in the long run.

Royal Purple

Royal Purple, however, is worth mentioning because it’s a good brand if you’re looking for an inexpensive replacement filter, and they have filters that can be used on both oil, gas, or diesel fuel, unlike Hastings, which only works with gasoline engines – this makes them ideal since many people will not realize what kind of engine their car has until it’s too late and they’re already out of their car trying to search for the correct filter.

Royal Purple is also a good choice if you are looking at switching from synthetic oil over time because these filters will work with both types, so there isn’t any need to get an entirely new set up when changing oils – just switch your filter over to the new one.

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NAPA filters are also a good choice, but they’re not expensive, which means that you will have higher costs in terms of fuel efficiency due to them being less effective – it’s best if these were used when your vehicle is going through its first oil change, so there isn’t as much built-up grime and gunk.

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Ryco filters are the cheapest option on this list, and they’re not a wrong choice either – I think if you have good luck with RyCo, then chances that your car will last for many years. But, there’s always room in my opinion, of course (and especially when we talk about the price of the filter) to spend a little more money on something that’s going to be better quality.

I would stay away from them if you’re looking at an oil filter brand – that’s just my opinion, but it seems like a good one in comparison with what others say on this list!