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Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean Freight Shipping – One Of The Best Ways To Ship Your Items

There is no country in the world that is entirely self-sufficient and relies on the shipping of products from different countries. Shipping ensures that trade and commerce between countries remain evenly spread. It helps in the access of such products to countries that are not produced or manufactured in their place, making shipping one of the most important components for the increase in a country’s trade and commerce.

International shipping takes place through different modes, i.e., via air, rail, waterways, and road. Out of all these, maritime or ocean shipping is the most preferred mode to ship items internationally. There are many profitable reasons to back the claim that ocean freight shipping is the backbone of global trade and economy.

What Is Ocean Freight Shipping?

The term ocean freight shipping is specifically used for all the items that are shipped by the mode of oceans and seas to other countries. It is considered to be the most important cross-border trade, and more than 80% of the goods move internationally by waterways. However, it takes a longer time than air shipping, but it is the preferable option when trading internationally.

Ocean freight transportation services

Why Is Ocean Freight Shipping The Best Way To Ship Your Items?

Ocean freight shipping is one of the oldest modes of shipping products internationally and is capable of moving large amounts of goods across the sea. Most of the traders opt for waterways freight shipping over other modes due to the following reasons-

1. More Shipping Capacity

Ocean freight shipping is perfect for traders who want to ship a larger number of products at a time. The ocean carriers can carry up to 20,000 containers at a time, making it an efficient option. Whatever the number of items, they can be easily accommodated in containers and vessels and shipped through oceans. At the same time, aircraft and road transport are limited in the number of products to ship.

2. Ease In Shipping Of Bulky And Oversized Items

The carriers which move goods through oceans are very big in size and can accommodate bulky and heavy items, often referred to as Not In Trailer(NIT) loads. Items like expensive vehicles, construction materials, equipment and cargo goods, etc., can be easily shipped internationally through these carriers without any hassle.
When considering shipping by air or road, there are often limits to the weight of the products that they are capable of carrying, but ocean freight shipping is devoid of such limitations.

3. It Is An Economical Option

When shipping products long distances, the large amount of money involved in it is a problem for most traders; while air freight services charge a whooping sum, road freight services also do not lag behind. Ocean freight services offer much cheaper services than other modes and are approximately four to six times less expensive than air and road. It makes a great alternative for those who are looking for an economical shipping option.

4. Fewer Restrictions Are Imposed On Shipping

It is a common problem that traders face while shipping by air and road, and certain restrictions are imposed on some products, such as lithium batteries, flammable gasses, etc., that might be hazardous for aircraft to carry. This makes most of the items ineligible to be shipped through these modes. But, ocean freight shipping services are designed for shipping hazardous materials safely. The containers are sealed and locked for security during transportation.

5. It Is Environment Friendly

Freight services other than waterways mode produce a high number of carbon footprints, negatively impacting the environment. The ships are the most environment-friendly and carbon-efficient carriers of goods that exhaust less amount of gas emissions. These days Liquified Natural Gas(LNG) enabled ships are being produced in large numbers to ship goods through oceans internationally.


Ocean freight transportation services in Canada are preferred over other modes due to the reasons mentioned above and play an important part in dramatically improving the global trade of a country. Besides having several advantages, it has some limitations as well, such as longer shipping time, less reliability, and products being susceptible to damage. But the advantages overpower the limitations of ocean freight shipping services and make it one of the best modes of shipping goods internationally.