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NGK vs Denso

NGK VS Denso Spark Plugs – Which is Better Choice for Update

NGK and Denso are two of the major manufacturers of spark plugs for vehicles. But which one is better? This blog post will help you decide by discussing key differences between these two brands.

First, NGK spark plugs have a more robust design that resists fouling and keeps them running at their optimum temperature for more extended periods than other brands. Secondly, NGK offers a broader variety of spark plug types and sizes to suit your needs, while Denso only has one type of plug available. Finally, NGK is less expensive than those offered by Denso!

They both have their pros and cons, but it depends on what you need from a spark plug that will determine which one you should go with. Let’s take a look at them side by side so you can decide for yourself!

denso vs ngk

NGK or Denso Spark Plug- Which one is better?

A Glance at the history of both


NGK is a world leader in the manufacture of spark plugs for automotive, motorcycle, and marine applications. They produce a wide range of products for both automotive and motorcycle applications, including platinum-tipped spark plugs, iridium-tipped spark plugs, copper core plug wires, and more.

The company was founded in 1918 by Shiro Nakamura in Tokyo, Japan. Today they have over 20 production facilities around the globe, with their headquarters located in Nagoya, Japan.


Denso is a global automotive supplier of Japan. They make products that improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and provide safety features for cars worldwide. Their spark plugs are made with platinum-grade iridium electrodes and have been designed to last up to 100,000 miles or more when used as directed in your vehicle’s owner manual. They also come with an industry-leading warranty of 24 months/25,000 miles (whichever comes first).


NGK Spark Plugs

NGK spark plugs use the most advanced technology to create a spark plug for future cars. You can count on NGK to deliver superior performance every time you need it. They are especially designed for drivers who want to go the extra mile to maintain their vehicle’s reliability and power. Though they come with a hefty price tag, their longer life span and high efficiency make them worth the money spent.

Denso Spark Plugs

Made up of iridium, Denso spark plugs are designed to last up to twice as long. The Denso spark plug may fool you at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you will see that it is shinier than most other plugs because of the presence of iridium. These spark plugs are sold in a cardboard box with four individual boxes. All four of the boxes fit into one larger box.

NGK vs Denso iridium spark plugs

How are they crafted?

NGK spark plug

NGK spark plugs are made up of a metal shell and an insulator to protect the electrode. The insulator is usually ceramic or glass but can also be porcelain or silicon nitride.

The shell is typically copper with nickel plating for corrosion resistance. And the electrodes are either platinum-iridium alloy (for high-performance applications) or platinum alone (for low-emission vehicles)

Denso Spark Plug

Denso Spark Plugs are made up of a ceramic insulator and platinum electrodes. The spark plug is the only part of your engine that touches the air, so it’s essential to have one that will last as long as possible.

That’s why we use materials like platinum and ceramic – they can withstand high temperatures without breaking down or degrading.

What Type of Spark Plugs are they?

NGK and Denso both offer iridium spark plugs, which last longer than copper and work efficiently at low temperatures. While they are more expensive than platinum due to the raw materials, it is still worth it for their long-term performance.

Iridium spark plugs may not be the best in terms of performance, but they last 2-3 times as long on average compared to other types.

Whereas copper plugs typically last about 20,000 miles before needing replacement, iridium plugs can keep running for over 40,000 miles with no decrease in quality.



NGK has an extensive range of spark plugs available in different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that suits your engine perfectly. Some of the popular ones are-

NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug, Pack of 4

Ngk power spark plug


NGK (6578) BPR4ES SOLID Standard Spark Plug, Pack of 1

ngk spark plugs price


NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs

NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs



Denso has a wide variety of models to choose from, including the platinum series, perfect for those who want to get the most out of their vehicle.

You’ll also find their performance series designed with racing in mind and come in both copper and iridium options. Some of the popular models are-

Denso (5303) IK16 Iridium Power Spark Plug

denso iridium spark plugs


Denso #4504 PLATINUM TT Spark Plugs — PK20TT

denso spark plug review

Additional products made crafted by both


NGK produces more than just spark plugs. NGK’s products include glow plugs, lambda and temperature sensors, COILS ignition leads and coils, NOx sensors, crank-/camshaft sensors, Map/MAF Sensors, and MAP/MAF Sensors.


Denso is a global automotive supplier that produces a variety of products for the automotive industry. They produce air filters, fuel injectors, and power steering pumps to engine control units and brake pads.

The Final Verdict

NGK Pros:

  • Lasts longer than other brands
  • More affordable than Denso
  • Comes with a warranty that lasts up to 10 years

Denso Pros:

  • The best quality spark plug on the market today
  • Has an extended warranty that lasts up to 12 years

NGK Cons:

  • It can be challenging to find NGK plugs in stores near you because it’s not as well known as Denso (though this is changing)

Denso Cons:

  • It can be more expensive than NGK, but if you want the best quality product, then it may be worth it for you!

Bottom Line

IF you want to make sure your car runs smoothly, it’s essential to use the correct spark plug for your vehicle. We recommend using NGK because they’re more reliable and affordable than Denso.

Plus, they last longer and produce less engine noise. If it’s high-quality performance and warranty protection that matter most to you, then choose Denso! The choice is yours.