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Best 8 Seater SUV Family Cars In Australia

Best 8 Seater SUV Family Cars In Australia | Latest Models

There really is something about a big family car. It is majestic, offering ample space for a family to travel together, in comfort, in style. You can actually take your full kit alongwith you and enjoy legroom, without having to feel cramped. This is especially nice in a long journey. Here is our list featuring the best 8 seater car. Australia has always been a favorite for large car manufacturers, who introduce the powerful and majestic large cars ideal for the vast Australian outdoors.

Our Top 8 Picks For Best 8 Seater SUV

Toyota Taraga

Toyota TarogaWhen it comes to reliability and brand loyalty, very few cars manage to score better than Toyota. With a virtual monopoly of sorts in some regions despite competition, this is one brand that never ceases to amaze. The Taraga is a gentle giant, a 8 seater van that comes with a long list of standout features and stylized body.

It boasts of a 2.4 litre – 4 cylinder combination that can outrun other cars of its size effortlessly. This is what makes this car a winner all the way. TO be able to transport 8 full sized adults and other load, the vehicle needs to perform like a beast. And it does not let you down. The ride is unbelievably smooth, thanks to a remodeled suspension. This means that your family can enjoy long rides without feeling jolted.

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Toyota Land Cruiser GX

Toyota Land Cruiser GXIf you are on the hunt for a 8 seat 4wd then you need not look further than this. With a reputation as the benchmark for vehicles in this category, this one will meet your requirements and make you a proud owner. The 5 speed manual transmission offers superb torque at 430 Nm with maximum power being 162.

The fuel tank will help you drive over long distances without having to top up frequently. The ground clearance of the vehicle is more or less like the standard Land Cruiser models, which means that you can take the rough with the smooth easily. You can go off roads without having to worry about scraping your bottom.  It has a near endless list of creature comfort features that will give occupants a luxurious feeling, which when combined with the stylish exteriors will make you a proud owner of one of the most coveted car models.

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Hyundai Imax 4d

Hyundai Imax 4dOne among the more stylish and affordable models, Hyundai has slowly carved a niche for itself in the large cars segment, moving from hatchbacks and sedans. A spacious 8 seater, this model is packed with features that a family will love to use. The legendary safety features of Hyundai make motoring a lot more safe and enjoyable for the whole family.

This rear wheel drivetrain vehicle comes with 5 speed automatic transmission, and offers excellent pickup with a torque of 441Nm@2000 rpm. This means that you can weave in and out of traffic with ease. The diesel turbo engine offers great response and the stylish interiors combined with the classic grille and exteriors makes this one among the best 8 seater cars in Australia.

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KIA Carnival Platinum

KIA Carnival Platinum

This is an award winning model among 8 seater vehicles in Australia and truly justifies the recognition. It is one of the more contemporary and stylish models of cars that packs a multitude of performance and luxury features in it to make it a winner. The seating arrangement is flexible, permitting you to change from 7 to 8 or vice versa and use the extra space for stowing things.

This gives it versatility that is not actually seen in other models of this category. The technology that drives this model is advanced, and the 3.3L V6 petrol engine whirs at the touch of button. Safety features like Electronic Stability Control and Hill Assist Control ensure that you will always be safe in the care, with technology coming to your assistance in tricky situations. The seating capacity, the stylish design, the features and the performance make this a wonderful choice.

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Toyota Land Cruise Workmate

Toyota Land Cruise WorkmateIt is no wonder that many models of Toyota feature in a list of the best seater car. Australia has been the favourite place to launch models that are large and powerful, considering the long distances that people love to travel with family. The features in this rugged model make this a wonderful addition to have while on long tours. This is a dependable model that offers great reliability and power packed performance. The security features, are needless to say, exemplary and contribute to a wonderful experience behind the wheels, regardless of the distance travelled. For instance, the electronic brake force distribution, and brake assist combine to make braking  more confident, giving full control to the driver.  The vehicle will always remain in a position of stability, thanks to the Vehicle Stability Control feature of this model. You will love the 4 wheel drive train, and superb 430 Nm torque that will let surge ahead with raw power.

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There really is something about 8 seater cars. It commands presence on the roads and off it. It turns eyes on the road, and offers occupants the comfort of fully enjoying the ride, without having to compromise on the legroom or the smooth ride. Another important feature that is worth considering is the fact that because of the large size, these SUVs sport features that are difficult to accommodate in smaller cars. And you get to experience the raw power of these beasts as they tackle the toughest terrain effortlessly.  And for the power and transporting capacity of 8 people, you really would not mind the consumption that averages around a litre for 10 kms. When you actually calculate the number of people that can be accommodated in a single vehicle and the comfort level, you will find that this consumption is definitely comparatively better, when it comes to calculating the cost per person per kilometer.