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Best 7 Seater SUV Cars

Best 7 Seater SUV Cars | Explore Top Brands & Buying Guide

Trends are forever in a state of change. What is fashionable for a few years will fade away as new trends take the slot. However, in the case of cars, regardless of trends, there is another aspect – usability. The convenience offered by cars and the ride comfort are features that do not change with trends. What changes is obviously the styling, but certain needs will be bet for long by a particular type of vehicle. And this has got to be the SUVs, that own not just the roads but off the roads as well. These beasts of beauty handle the rough with the smooth in a way that offers superior ride comfort, better handling, while being spacious enough to fit in a large family on a long distance trip. Commuters need not adopt awkward positions or find themselves cramped into a small car for want of space. The SUVs are here to change the way you travel. Here is a good look at the top ten Best 7 Seater SUV Cars in Australia.

Here Below Is The List Of 7 Seaters Cars In 2018

Skoda Kodiaq Most Spacious

Best 7 Seater SUV CarsThe Czech car maker has not disappointed with this offering that has found its way to our list of best 7 seater suvs in Australia. This is  the ultimate all rounded SUV, boasting a combination of superior performance and extraordinary build quality.

The cabin takes 7 easily with the addition of the 3rd row of seats. The added creature comforts are amazingly impressive  you get sunroof, parking assist and a whole load of features in this beauty. The AWD drive train will ensure that you will never find yourself in a sticky spot. With a towing capacity of 2500 kg, you know that under the hood, the 2.0 L diesel is making a huge difference, while handling beautifully. And the best part is obviously the number of airbags that will offer assurance of cushioning safety to all occupants.

Honda CR-V Best 4WD 

Honda CR V

The mastery of Honda automotive engineering is back at what it is doing best, cranking out cars that people will love. This is one of those spacious models, with the addition of two extra seats and additional boot space, making family trips a lot more comfortable.

Despite coming in the category of a SUV, it handles admirably, and you will find maneuvering through city traffic to be a song. The handling is very light and responsive and the combination of safety features, such as ABS, EBD and the Airbags apart from the standard disc brakes gives you greater confidence on the roads and riding pleasure.  For those who do not mind going with a petrol only version which is the only version to be released in Australia, atleast for now, this is certainly a good choice.

Hyundai Santa Fe Most reliable

Hyundai Santa Fe

This is one beast that will grace the Australian outback and cities will aplomb.To being with, it looks huge, commanding a presence that will gain respect on the roads and off it. And it is not just size, but the way the size has been brought out in great style.

Powered by a 194 BHP diesel engine, you can be sure that you get all the power you need, while enjoying the ride in style. Regardless of how rough the terrain, you will find that the vehicle offers the occupants a comfortable ride.  Coming in as a top end model, this figures on our list of 7 seater cars in Australia by virtue of Hyundai’s reliability and the combination of bedazzling features that the vehicle sports. You get xenon headlamps, dual-zone climate control and the options of selecting steering modes apart from the usual bouquet of safety equipment like airbags, ESP & TCS, ABS & EBD and hill start assist.

BMW X7 Most Luxurious


Well we really can’t do the unthinkable, can we? A list of the best 7 seater suvs in Australia withouta BMWis definitely a no-no. And it is not just because of the respect commanded globally by the German auto major. It is also because of the BMW X7, the focus of our undivided attention that is set ot hit the Australian roads sometime in 2018.

First things first – the car maker has packed in the standard features of the BMW that make it a class apart, such as the laser headlights and near autonomous cruise control feature.  The feature that is being most excitedly discussed in forums is the remote summoning option that makes everyone a Bond. Definitely worth the thousands of dollars that one will have to shell out for this beautiful beast.

Mitsubishi Outlander 

Mitsubishi Outlander

This populated list of 7 seater cars in Australia gets this model here for one main reason. In addition to the size and performance, the single most important and attractive aspect of this model has surely got to be its price. It is certainly a budget vehicle among its more illustrious partners in the list.

The AWD drivetrain ensures that you get the right kind of power whenever you want.  The engine is mated to a CVT transmission that responds admirably. The looks are distinct and clean, and you will certainly be proud of a relatively simple but elegantly designed, powerful seven-seater for your family.

Land Rover Discovery Most Powerful

Landrover Discovery

Available in petrol and diesel variants, the V6 engine comes with 8 speed automatic transmission.  The All Wheel Drivetrain will help get you out of most terrains in an effortless manner. You will find yourself alone on the roads, courtesy impressive torque.

The standard suite of features are there in the vehicle for your creature comforts – like engine start or stop, downhill control, hill start assist, emergency brakes, parking assist etc.

In the looks department this SUV comes with a sunroof, and top of the line infotainment systems, making it comfortably to our list of the best 7 seater suvs in Australia.

Toyoto Prado

Toyoto Prado

Who can ever get the Land Cruiser out of mind? The Toyoto Prado 2017 is a close cousin of the famed Land Cruiser, albeit smaller in size. The body styling and exteriors have received a refreshing design concept that is bound to make other contenders in the list feel a bit insecure about the design and styling. But enough of the outside, under the hood and in the cabin are features that will literally sweep potential buyers off their feet.

Technology has been deployed in full force here. You will love the lane departure alerts, which will help you when you zip along highways in fast moving traffic. You will need all the assistance required to make the journey a lot more comfy and the Prado is loaded with other best selling features like an autonomous emergency braking system that renders driving a lot more safe.

Holden Acadia

Holden Acadia

This is a natural among 7 seater cars in Australia coming in place of its cousin the Captiva. The V6 engine mated to an eight speed automatic transmission will help you zoom in great comfort across Australian terrain. The features that come with most of the SUVs featured on this list will be standard and available in this model.

For instance, the driver can expect blind spot assist and adaptive cruise control. This and other features will help this model to redeem the lost glory of Holden as a result of some of its earlier models. The Acadia is a refreshing concept and will be both the flagship and the game changer.

Ford Edge

Ford Edge

This is one seven seater that will edge out the competition by virtue of its looks and performance. With the rock solid reputation of Ford behind it, this model is all set to storm the segment of 7 seater cars in Australia with superior performance and incredible styling.

The eight speed automatic transmission and 2 litre engine combined with the towing capacity of 2 tons is all that is required to make other contenders on the list find themselves on shaky ground. While not being pricey or exactly the best among the top end models, it sure deserves consideration despite bringing up the rear in this list of ten of the best 7 seater suvs in Australia.

How To Take Your Best Seven Seater SUVs?

While we used a particular set of metrics and parameters for compiling the list, with a complex set of ratings and negative ratings, weightage etc, we were able to keep the best within this list. However, as a buyer you need to do a detailed fact check before your plunge into the decision to buy your car. Take a careful and measured decision and beware that impulsive decisions are not really very suitable when it comes to picking your model of car. So here goes a few pointers for you to look at.

Brand – This should certainly count as one of the most important factors, because a reputed brand will offer clients the reassurance of proven performance. Behind the reputation of every brand, lies an entire ecosystem of quality parameters and excellence benchmarks that will come to each and every product.

Performance – Look at various factors that include the torque, the engine, the towing capacity , the type of transmission andthe drivetrain. These will give you a fair idea of how it will best meet your needs. The carrying capacity, the speed of travel and the comfort levels at the time of travel.

Styling – This is important, because SUVs do not come cheap. With considerable amount being invest in this acquisition you are entirely justified in seeking a model that looks good and justifies the price tag. You will also be happy to admire and flaunt the good looks of your car.

Interiors– Comfy and lush interiors are certainly a must. You will be spending considerable time travelling, and every moment should be spent in luxury. From the sunroof, to the seats, to the ride pleasure, every single aspect of the interiors should appeal to all occupants of the seven seater.

Safety Features – This is crucial and should never be ignored. If a vehicle boasts of all the features but is not a safe one to travel, it certainly is not worth it. Features that you need to look for are airbags, brake assist, hill assist, parking assist, alerts when lanes are crossed and ABS.

Standout Features – Additionally, you could look at the special features offered by certain brands. For instance, the BMW offers a remote summoning option. Similarly, other models bring out different options. If you love the standout option, then go for it, as you can be sure that most of the other options would have more or less been fulfilled.

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